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Date:2018-06-22 16:48
Subject:My love for HP fandom*
Mood: melancholy

I got involved after the last book was published so way behind the curve. And I only wander in and out periodically now. (And it seems I do most of my wandering in times of stress.) It still feels like a special place. And probably always will. Thank you to everyone still keeping it alive.

*My OTP will always be Snarry, but I found my way here via Drarry so that's got a pretty big spot in my heart.

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Date:2015-04-20 17:31
Subject:another two years, another rally

off to DC again next week for another Marriage Equality rally. this time on my own. baby girl's law professor wouldn't excuse her from finals to come with. will miss her terribly but gotta go anyway.

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Date:2014-06-01 17:15
Subject:Musings from Mississippi
Mood: chipper
Music:Barry Manilow, FTW!

............ that is all

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Date:2013-03-02 14:45
Subject:March 4 Marriage in DC

Baby girl and I are off to DC in 3 weeks to rally "on the steps" of the Supreme Court. March 26th and 27th SCOTUS will be hearing DOMA and Prop 8 cases. Looking forward to carrying the sign my son made for a marriage equality rally here in Jackson 4 years ago, back to DC. Also looking forward to standing next to whackjob NOM'ers wearing my shirt that says 'If my marriage has a negative effect on yours, the problem is with your marriage not mine'. Of course that might confuse them since my sign reads 'Str8 Mom 4 Marriage Equality'.

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Date:2012-11-28 11:39
Subject:Give Salvation Army anti-gay bigots vouchers instead of money...

I have a purse full

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Date:2012-11-28 09:02
Subject:Kaitlyn's BBC News interview

My 20 year old at Ole Miss was contacted by a BBC reporter re events that happened on campus earlier this month. I am still geeking out that my daughter can be seen on the BBC News Home page. And extremely proud of her for being who she is, rather unapologetically, in a setting where that can be very difficult for the human rights advocate that she is.

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Date:2012-11-13 22:07
Subject:If only we were all like her

My 20 year old's open letter to Student Body at Ole Miss where she is a Junior. This was in direct response to certain faculty and student government leaders who had called for the expulsion of the "riot" instigators. Submitted to the daily student newspaper as well as the chancellor of the school.

An Open Letter to the Student Body
I am not writing to express any feelings of embarrassment, disappointment, or anger toward the students who shouted racist language and displayed violent behavior after the announcement of our president’s reelection. I am writing to express my concerns regarding the response of the university community to that event.
The initial reaction by the university in general seems to have been one of shock and shame. The rhetoric used in conversations among friends, on Facebook and Twitter, and by some student leaders and some faculty members reflects those sentiments. “The events are embarrassing.” “This is not representative of the university as a whole.” I challenge this community to move beyond its initial response. It is time to turn away from outrage. Our work begins now.
What does our work look like? What action do we now take? What do we ask of our administration, our leaders? Many have suggested expulsion. According to them, the students who were involved in the election night events “are not welcome here.”
This response absolutely does not constitute an adequate solution. It is easy, and it is hateful. It does nothing to address the racism that pervades this campus. It does nothing to teach those students, who are in this place to get an education. So let us educate them. Let us not abandon our mission as an institution of learning. Let us bring them to the table then come away together as a stronger and more loving community.
Again I ask, what do we do next? I leave it to you. Of course, I have my own ideas, and my friends and I have already begun planning events to foster dialogue not only on race but also on gender, sexual orientation, and class. But to you I say: Do not let this precious moment pass. Do not sweep this under the rug as so many before you have done to other incidents. Do not rely only on words. Take action. Do something positive for your community.

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Date:2012-10-11 03:45
Subject:National Coming Out Day

I'm not LGBTQ but today is National Coming Out Day so I am coming out for LGBTQ equality. It's not about the sex you have but the Love you make.

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Date:2012-08-30 12:18

Has it really been almost a year? Oh, well.

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Date:2011-09-25 15:27
Subject:Couldn't have said it better myself
Music:Bob Marley, Time Will Tell

Lifted from

1. They cheered the execution of an innocent man.

2. They screamed, “Let him die” when told of a person with cancer and no insurance.

3. They booed a United States fighting man in uniform serving in Iraq.

This is the face of the republican party today.

This is who they are and what they stand for.

And these people are not worthy of being called Americans.

They are, simply put, a disgrace.

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Date:2011-03-18 20:37
Subject:It's been an excellent, truly excellent week...
Mood: giddy
Music:The Killers, Who Let You Go

1. Constance came for a visit
2. No untimely demise on stairs
3. Amanda finally found a job at what turns out to be the hippest new spot in Oxford.
4. St. Patrick's Day.
5. 22nd anniversary for me and my steady.
6. Faeryqueen has offered Snarry on help_japan auction.
7. And to top it all off (& this is really a kicker), won 2 t-shirts from TowleRoad, got an email from Andy Towle and @tlrd is now following me on twitter

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Date:2011-03-14 20:51
Subject:I've got Constance!!!

Just for the afternoon, tonight and in the morning but she's mine for 24 hours. Hopefully can undo some of the damage her biological parents wreak.

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Date:2011-03-01 22:28
Subject:Repeal DOMA

Because every American should be able to marry the person they love

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Date:2011-01-14 13:32
Subject:The Letter F....
Mood: bored

... where would we be without it. There's Fuck and Fellatio. Then there's Fisting and Fleching. And this new one I just read about (at least new to me but not really new according to faeryqueen), Figging. The things I think about while sitting in a company meeting, bored out of my mind.

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Date:2010-10-26 16:12
Subject:My God! A my-brain-is-about-to-burst rant....
Mood: frustrated
Music:Goo Goo Dolls, Isis

1. The district will not be paying the ACLU legal fees or Constance's settlement. Their insurance company will be footing the bill for this clusterfuck. Depending on claims history the district might not be out a single additional cent for what they did to this child.

2. Not everyone in Mississippi is an ignorant, hateful bigot. People from Mississippi are the ones who made sure this child got to finish high in a supportive, safe environment. Welcomed into their home by a family whom she had never met and at a School that accepted her completely for the human being that she is. And as my beautiful child said "... where the fuck are you from? Because I'd love to live there. Sounds like everyone in your state is totally loving and open-minded. Sounds like there are absolutely no bigots or racists where you're from. Must be paradise sitting up on y'all's pedestals making judgments on the people who aren't blessed to live in such an open and welcome environment. Here's my point in case you missed it: there are bad people everywhere."

3. Complete and utter moronic dipshits like Dan Savage and Robin McGehee need to have their asses kick. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to pick up an leave their homes. And they shouldn't have to. If you fucking idiots, Dan and Robin, really want to help then move to places like Mississippi. Sitting in your ivory towers and belittling an entire state only causes more heartache. IT REALLY DOES NOT HELP! And one more thing Mr. Savage: you are so quick to tell your listeners to leave their less than perfect homes but you NEVER offer them an alternative. Where do you think these kids will end up? Are you opening your home to them? I thought not. So shut the fuck up.

That is all.

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Date:2010-07-12 08:48

I can not believe that I have skipped work, ignored my friends & family and watched close to 96 hours of football all for it to end with that crappy, boring, didn't-even-watch-the-end-of-it final between Spain and The Netherlands.

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Date:2010-06-04 07:54
Subject:I love this.....

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Date:2010-05-28 20:26
Subject:Constance, honey, we did it!

With a lot of pushing, prodding and cajoling on my part, & a lot of begging, pleading and the occasional threat to the folks at IAHS, Constance got her diploma. I'm drinking heavily tonight.

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Date:2010-05-19 14:44
Subject:Going to the Big City

And it continues....

Flying to NYC Sunday as chaperone for Constance and Ceara. They are attending GLSEN Respect Awards Monday evening. I've opted out of awards ceremony. Instead spending afternoon and evening with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew who live in The Village. Haven't seem them in over a year. Flying home Tuesday morning. Meeting some of the folks from NYCLU that I've spoken to and e-mailed with over the last few weeks. Looking forward to that. Strange days, indeed.

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Date:2010-05-11 10:38
Subject:My good deed for the year, maybe the decade

I can't tell you cause then I'd have to kill you. But I'm needing a pat on the back before I start pulling out my hair or beating kids. My family and I have done something that people keep telling us is extraordinarily remarkable. I don't see it that way. I think most people would have helped this child, just as we did, if they had been asked. Right now I'm close to my wits end, though. Having another teenage girl in the house is scary. Having another teenage girl in the house with some pretty unusual issues is really scary. And having to deal with the adults in her life who should know better is wearing me out. I cried three times yesterday and I never cry. There better be some good karma flowing back my way over this. Ok, I take back that last statement. Not looking for or expecting any sort of "payback". All I really want out of this is for her to have the opportunity to make the most of her life and not suffer too terribly much from all the shit that's happened in her life over the last 3 months.

I think I'm through whinging now. I suppose that which does not kill us blah, blah, blah.

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